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Who is PVC Master?
(PVC Master is under the umbrella of Success Succeed Successful Pte Ltd)


"Success is a journey; to succeed you need to have a successful marketing plan to lubricate your ideas and keep them running"


Mr. Wilson Low, inherited the unique skills of Installing Vinyl Flooring from his dad more than 40 years ago. He demonstrated himself as a creative thinker and conceptualized ‘PVC Master’ as a unique BRANDING under the umbrella of Succsss Succeed Successful Pte Ltd.


PVC Master started from the same time Success Succeed Successful Pte Ltd was registered in 2011. We import, distribute and install PVC / Vinyl Flooring around Singapore.


PVC Master have thousands of satisfied customers from Residential, Commercial as well as Industrial Sectors


We continue to serve with utmost professionalism in delivering quality products and services.


Use PVC / Vinyl Flooring for a more vibrant and economical solution, contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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Start date: 3/4/2020