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Installation Outcomes...

Our teams of Installers have experience of more than 5 years with our Master Installer helming at the top with more than 40 years experience. With constant trainings and upgrading, we aim to provide flawless installation for all our esteem clients.


However, due to unforseeable circumstances, clients may expect some warping of PVC after the installation. It may appear immediately or after a few days. These natural grain warping is common in 20% of the installations and warping will settle after a few weeks.


For information purpose, we at PVC Master have compiled instances of warping that was brought to our attention. (List is not exhaustive)


Cause of warping: - High Floor Moisture Content - Air Bubbles - Over Stretched PVC - Not allowing glue to settle and harden before using - Dragging furniture across the surface of PVC - Uneven Flooring - Trapped debris under PVC - Inferior Glue - Flooding the installed area with water for cleaning - Expose to direct flame or high temperature - Normal wear and tear - Etc...


While we will take extreme care to beautify your flooring, sometimes minior imperfections do occur. We seek your kind understanding in these situations.


In situations where professional help is needed to assess the extent of warping, we will send in our Master Installer to provide his consultation service.


As per any consultation, house visit by Master Installer is chargeable at $50 per trip ($80 if the flooring is NOT installed by PVC Master) and $50 per hour of work done. ($80 if flooring is NOT installed by PVC Master)


In the most unfortunate event where flooring needs to be replaced, PVC Master will re-install the affected area at 50% OFF the original price. (Only for flooring installed by PVC Master otherwise, retail price applies)

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