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Installing Vinyl Sheet Flooring - What to Expect From the Flooring Masters at PVC Master

Installing vinyl sheet flooring in your home can be a great way to update the look and feel of your space without breaking the bank. Many vinyl flooring designs and colours add dimension and style to your space. Whether you're looking to install vinyl in your kitchen, bathroom, or throughout your home, a professional crew can help ensure proper, satisfactory completion of the job.

We recommend shopping around before selecting a crew to do your master flooring or PVC flooring in Singapore, so you get the best work for your investment.

The Installation Process

When you hire a professional crew to install your vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore, you can expect them to take care of everything from start to finish. It includes removing your old flooring, preparing the subfloor, and laying the new vinyl.


First, your flooring crew will arrive at your home and assess the space where they will install the new vinyl. It includes checking the subfloor for any issues affecting the installation, such as moisture or uneven areas. If they find any problems, the crew will address them before installing the PVC floor mat.

Old Flooring Removal

Next, they will remove your old flooring, if necessary. It could include ripping up carpet or tile or removing any existing vinyl or hardwood flooring. The crew will also remove any baseboards or trim that may be in the way before laying your PVC floor mat.

Prep and Lay Vinyl

After removing the old flooring and preparing the subfloor, the crew will begin installing the vinyl sheet flooring. This process typically involves spreading a layer of PVC roll for flooring, adhesive on the subfloor, and then laying the vinyl on top. The crew will then use a roller or other tool to press the vinyl into place and ensure a secure bond.

Trimming and Cutting

During the installation process, the crew will also take care of any necessary trimming or cutting of the vinyl to ensure a perfect fit. The crew will also install any transition strips or moulding needed to finish the job.


Once the installation is complete, your crew will clean up any debris and leave your space looking better than ever.

Length of Installation

The entire process of installing vinyl sheet flooring can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the size of your space and the job's complexity. However, the result is a durable, beautiful new floor that will last many years.

Installation Preparation

Here are some things you can do in preparation for a professional crew to begin installing vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore:

Clear The Space

Before the crew arrives, ensure the space where they will install the vinyl sheet flooring is clear of furniture, rugs, and other items. It will make it easier for the crew to access the area and complete the installation more quickly.

Remove Existing Flooring

If you have existing flooring that needs removal, such as carpet or tile, it's best to do this before the crew arrives. It will save time and allow the crew to proceed directly with the installation.

Prepare The Subfloor

Before starting the installation, the crew will assess the subfloor for any issues, but you can also check for uneven areas or moisture. If you find any problems, it's best to address them before the crew arrives.

Measure The Space

Take accurate measurements of the space where they will install the vinyl. it will help you determine how much vinyl you'll need and help the crew plan for the installation.

Choose Your Vinyl

If you still need to choose your vinyl flooring designs, it's best to do so before the crew arrives. It will ensure that the crew has the suitable materials on hand to complete the job.

Have All The Necessary Tools

If you have any specific tools or materials you would like the crew to use during the installation, ensure they have them before arriving. It will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and without delays.

Communicate with The Crew

Make sure to communicate your specific needs or concerns with the crew before they begin the installation. It will help them understand your expectations and ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Be Available

Be available on the day of the installation in case the crew has any questions or needs to clarify any details with you.

By following these steps, you can help ensure that the installation process runs smoothly and that the result is a beautiful new floor that you'll enjoy for a very long time (years).

What To Look For After Your Installation is Complete


After a professional vinyl flooring installation in your home, here are some imperfections you should look for:


Look for any visible seams between the vinyl planks or tiles. They should be tight and not separated.

Curling or Buckling

Check for any areas where the vinyl is curling or buckling up. It could indicate that the crew did not apply the adhesive evenly or that the subfloor or PVC roll for poorly prepared flooring.

Bubbles or Wrinkles

Look for any bubbles or wrinkles in the vinyl. These could indicate that they did not install the vinyl properly or did not correctly apply the adhesive or PVC roll for flooring.

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