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Collaboration Opportunities...

Our team at PVC Master love to work with freelancers, SMEs, MNCs to gain more knowledge as well as traction in this industry.


  • Resellers

    • Direct - Accuire materials from us to sell / install.

      • Experienced seller / installer - No Training Needed.

      • Inexperienced seller / installer - Training will be scheduled at $150NETT per session. Only for installer. ( 1 on 1 training to commence after signing Non Disclosure Agreement )

    • Indirect - Recommend clients to us and we complete the sales cycle, referal fees to you or your company.

  • Suppliers

    • Direct - You are the manufacturer of any brand of PVC flooring / accessories and able to supply us. 

    • Indirect - You are the sole distributor of any brand pf PVC flooring / accessories and able to supply us.

  • Installers

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