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Terms and Conditions of Sales

You are routed to this page to be informed of our terms and conditions of sales. You are deemed to have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions prior to signing our sales contract.

1.   All contracts are subjected to the acceptance of PVC MASTER


2.   Terms of payment (unless otherwise specified):

                       50% upon signing of the contract

                       50% upon completion of installation works


3.    Terms of payment must be strictly adhered to. In event of payment default. PVC MASTER Reserves the right to impose 5% interest every month until

       the balance is paid in full. In extreme circumstances, PVC MASTER will engage licensed debt collector and/or lawyer to hold client responsible and the

       fees of such professionals (inc GST) shall be borne by the CLIENT

4.   PVC MASTER shall retain ownership and property right on all the items delivered and installed under this contract until the entire payment is settled

5.   Deposit paid is not refundable under any circumstances

6.   This contract must not be used as a receipt

7.   Any additions and/or alterations of confirmed jobs requested by CLIENT during the progress of work or after completion will be chargeable

8.   Any amendment to the contract will be considered valid only if approved by the Director of PVC MASTER

9.   PVC MASTER will not be liable for any delays due to addition and/or alteration of confirmed jobs or by the delay in selection of materials and design

10. Delays or defects in any one or more of the installation site shall be considered as segregated default without giving the CLIENT the right to cancel the

       whole contract

11. Deliveries and/or services may be wholly or partially suspended as a result of strikes, lock-outs, trade disputes, breakdowns, accidents, Act of Gods, or

       any other circumstances beyond the control of PVC MASTER


12. Deposit paid shall be forfeited on cancellation of the contract and a cancellation charge of 20% of the total contract will be imposed


13. This cancellation fee shall exclude all deposits paid

14. In the event of cancellation while work is in progress, the CLIENT shall bear all cost of completed work done, on top of the cancellation fees

15. All designs, details and plans are subjected to change depending on the final site conditions

16. All authorities’ submission fees are not included unless otherwise specified

17. All payments are to be acknowledged by our official receipt. PVC MASTER is not liable for any loss or damage arising from payment to the company's

       staff or unauthorized person(s) if they do not obtain an official receipt from the company

18. F.O.C. items (if any) should be stated in the contracts. All F.O.C. items are NOT under warranty by PVC MASTER

19. The CLIENT undertakes not to hold PVC MASTER and/or brand holder, SUCCESS SUCCEED SUCCESSFUL MARKETING liable for any occurrences of

       natural defects found in the finishing for flooring if Vinyl Sheet is chosen for installation as it is thin and conforms to the condition of the subfloor,

       resulting in some cases of “ripples” or “air bubbles”. Due diligence shall be undertaken to minimize such occurrences 


20. The customer undertakes not to hold PVC MASTER and/or brand holder, SUCCESS SUCCEED SUCCESSFUL MARKETING liable for any occurrences of

       natural defects found in Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Click n Lock or Vinyl Tough Click, due to the manufacturing process and/or quality control of the

       manufacturer, which is beyond the control of PVC MASTER and found during the installation of the said materials. Due diligence shall be undertaken

       to minimize such occurrences by our experienced installers.

21. The company reserves the rights to amend the above term and conditions of the contract without giving prior notice

22. PVC MASTER will provide one(1) year of warranty against workmanship for Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Click n Lock as well as Vinyl Tough Click from the date of

       completion of work


23. PVC MASTER will NOT provide any warranty for Vinyl Sheet Installation.


24. All Cheques must be made payable to Success Succeed Successful Marketing



We reserve the rights to change / update our terms and conditions to cater for our business needs.

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